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You’re not alone.

The Heart of Hospice is here to help.


We’re an end of life education and support company.  Whether you’re a patient, a personal caregiver, or a hospice professional, The Heart of Hospice provides information, support, and encouragement for each step of your hospice journey.

If you’re navigating a hospice journey for yourself or someone you love, or you work with a hospice interdisciplinary team, The Heart of Hospice podcast is here to make your end of life experience the best it can be. The podcast contains information about:

Fundamentals of hospice care
Hospice history 
Interdisciplinary team approach
Grief and bereavement care
Self care resources

Advance care planning
Patient and caregiver advocacy
Professional hospice organizations
Caregiver resources

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Meet Helen Bauer, BSN RN CHPN,
host of The Heart of Hospice podcast

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Helen brings a wealth of knowledge and empathy to her conversations with end of life experts, personal and professional caregivers, and those personally impacted by hospice care.  These conversations shed light on the end of life experience and offer hope and encouragement to anyone who is navigating this delicate phase of life.  Through her experience as a Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nurse and many years of practice as a hospice professional, Helen skillfully facilitates discussions that inspire, educate, and foster connection.  Helen is a trusted voice in the field, and is committed to making The Heart of Hospice podcast a platform for meaningful conversations about hospice and end of life care.

You can connect with Helen by sending an email to

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Through education, information, encouragement, and support, The Heart of Hospice can help you navigate end of life care.  We’re on a mission to help you have the best hospice experience you can. 

Barbara Karnes, BK Books

The Heart of Hospice is the go-to source for anyone who works in the end-of-life arena, and for families with a loved one in hospice care. Their topics and the guests on the podcast are always a great listen. I love all they do to normalize death and the dying process! 
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