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How To Share Your Heart with Healthcare Heroes!

The Heart of Hospice is doing a special Valentine’s Day campaign to support healthcare providers.  Due to the added stress of the pandemic, healthcare professionals can use all the encouragement they can get!

“Share Your Healthcare Heart” is a movement encouraging people to send a message by text, email, phone call, or even a handwritten card to let healthcare workers (or a healthcare-related organization) in their community know the work they do is appreciated and important.  

We’d love it if you’d partner with us to do this. It’s simple.

  1.  Send a message to 3 of your favorite providers or organizations to thank them for the care they provide during the week of Feb. 8-14. Share your gratitude in a text, email, phone call, or a note.  (Write it on a sticky note if that’s what you have!)

  2. Post a message on your social media  “We’re sharing the love with Healthcare Heroes – you can too!

  3. Be sure to tag your SM posts with #shareyourhealthcareheart.

  4. Feel the love!

This is such an easy way to encourage and support healthcare providers who have been working so hard to take care of us all, not just during the last year of the pandemic, but every single day!

No matter who you are, or where you are in your hospice journey, you are The Heart of Hospice!

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