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Talking with Gabby Jimenez of The Hospice Heart, Epi. 194

Hospice nurse and end of life doula Gabby Jimenez of the Hospice Heart shared her thoughts in a great conversation about supporting Medical Aid in Dying) MAID caregivers and her new book Dignity Day.

Gabby wrote her new book Dignity Day to respond to the fear and confusion that surrounds the use of Medical Aid in Dying. Here’s how she describes the book:

“This book is written from my experience as a hospice nurse and as an end of life doula. I have been present for many people who have chosen to do this, and I have seen how difficult and beautiful it can be for everyone involved. This book is designed to offer clarity, remove fear and uncertainty, and give permission to everyone at the bedside to feel whatever they need to feel, but to still stay present for someone they love. I have no intention of trying to change your mind, my intention is to ask that you not walk away.  My hope for this book is that it invites healthy conversation, welcomes curiosity, answers some of the big questions, and supports each person by honoring their different thoughts and opinions about it.” 

Hospice and end of life workers should know about MAID, regardless of their personal opinion about it.  If patients and caregivers ask questions, every EOL worker should be able to answer questions and provide resources. 

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Purchase a copy of Dignity Day (or one of Gabby’s other books on grief, end of life tips, and the work of an end of life doula) here.

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