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Give a Mile Gives from the Heart

Kevin Crowe solved the perfect problem. He did it with innovation and creativity. He also did it with a lot of heart.

Kevin founded the Give a Mile organization to provide flights for those in need of visiting with a loved one who is critically ill or dealing with palliative illness. Using donated flight miles along with monetary donations, Give a Mile enables meaningful connections to create memories that last a lifetime.

Kevin sat down with The Heart of Hospice to talk about how the concept of giving flights was born. Following the death of his friend Ryan from brain cancer, Kevin realized how important the presence of family and friends is to those with serious illnesses. Distance and cost make it hard for people to travel to be with loved ones who are nearing end of life. Here’s Kevin sharing the story behind Give a Mile.

“$10 billion of travel miles in North American are sitting unused,” Kevin reported to me. When donated to Give a Mile, those miles are put to good use, providing flights to 750 recipients since the not-for-profit organization got started in 2013. 20% of the flights from Give a Mile are international. If a flight has been given and death occurs before the flight can be used, Give a Mile honors the commitment so the recipient can attend the funeral. Kevin described the flights as “powerful flights, refueling”. While the pandemic has slowed flights down, Crowe expects and hopes travel through Give a Mile will increase in the next year.

The stories of these compassionate flights are compelling. Reuniting children with parents, giving the opportunity for a last embrace, final moments to say what needs to be said. Click here to hear what a Give a Mile flight has meant to Debora, a receipient whose mother was dying of cancer.

You can support the work of Give a Mile by giving unused flight miles or making a monetary donation.  100% of your donations go to flights of compassion and associated travel fees (taxes, transfers); Give A Mile operating costs are fundraised for separately. If you’re a healthcare professional, you can assist families to apply for a flight from Give a Mile by clicking here.

Kevin Crowe has truly made Give a Mile a work of the heart. You can help make those compassionate connections happen.

You are The Heart of Hospice.

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