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“A Path Home”: a Great Podcast from the National Home Funeral Alliance

We want to introduce you to “A Path Home”, the podcast sponsored by the National Home Funeral Alliance.

A Home Funeral??

Yes, home funerals are real. “A Path Home” launched in 2019 to educate people about “our innate right to care for our own loved ones at death in natural, and often, environmentally friendly ways”. Host Sarah Crews clarifies terms like “after-death care” and “natural burial”. Podcast episodes feature stories from people who have experienced after-death care at home or a natural funeral for a loved one.

When traditional mainstream death care doesn’t feel right to you, maybe a home funeral is a better option. There is deep meaning to be found in a home funeral, an opportunity to experience grief in a very personal way without the pressure of someone else’s timeline. The National Home Funeral Alliance wants people in the U.S. to be aware of their options for after-death care, laws that govern various states, and offer tips and guidance for home funerals. Check out their work and resources at

Check out “A Path Home” podcast

You can listen to the Spotify trailer for the podcast here. Check it out on iTunes here. A Path Home is also available on buzzsprout.

Watch for the upcoming episode from The Heart of Hospice podcast for our interview with former NHFA president Dani Lavoire. Dani shares her wisdom about grief and the death experience, and how home after-death care can be a rich, meaningful experience.

No matter who you are, or where you are in your hospice journey, you are The Heart of Hospice.

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