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10th Annual Thresholds Conference is a Great Opportunity!

Our colleagues at Hospice of Southern Maine are hosting an event you won’t want to miss – the 10th Annual Thresholds Conference on Thursday, May 20 1:00p – 4:30p ET. This year’s theme is “The Art and Science of Dying: Death as a Part of Life” and features two of the hospice industry’s most respected experts.

Here’s why the Thresholds Conference is a win/win for attendees.

  1. Great information for the general public, caregivers, healthcare professionals and students, faith leaders, and anyone who is interested in learning more about this unique topic.

  2. It only costs $35 – Register HERE!

  3. Presenters Dr. BJ Miller and Barbara Karnes offer wisdom and insight gained from years of experience in end of life care. They’re some of the best in the business.

  4. Virtual participation means no travel costs.

  5. The half day schedule (1:00p – 4:30p ET) is easy to fit into your week.

Registration is easy. Just click HERE to book your spot for the 10th Annual Thresholds Conference brought to you by Hospice of Southern Maine!

For more detailed information about the Thresholds Conference and the work that Hospice of Southern Maine is doing, check out our podcast interviews with Hospice of Southern Maine CEO Daryl Cady and End of Life Educator and Bereavement Service Manager Carol Schoneberg.

No matter who you are, or where you are in your hospice journey, you are The Heart of Hospice.

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